Hey lovelies,

Sorry my WordPress, I’ve been a little negligent of you of late. I must confess it is mainly due to me busily working on achieving my life coaching goals but also getting to the end of term. Phew. Fellow Scottish teachers – I heard a collective gasp of joy last Friday. I’ve spent the last week trying to get myself out of the hole of tiredness/lack of energy that teachers find themselves in at the end of the summer term.

This time of year is always a bittersweet moment for us teachers. Excitement for the lack of alarm clock required for the next six weeks (or however long you get wherever you are!) But equally sadness as you say goodbye to a class you’ve really come to love. It’s not as strong as a maternal/paternal love you feel but you genuinely come to care for the children in your care, you see their hopes and dreams for the future and would give anything to see those hopes and dreams come true. This is especially true if you teach the last year in the Primary setting (in Scotland we say P7.)

I also wanted to apologise for my lack of anxiety Series. It’s funny (not ha ha but odd) because I always find it easier to write about when I’m in the middle of suffering from it. It’s the same as depression. I can always write about it more clearly when I’m in the middle of an “episode!” Always been that way – as a teen my diary filling days were always done on days where I felt sad or deflated. I’ve been speaking with a friend recently about mental health and she is on an amazing mission to help change how people view mental health, I’m going to ask her permission to share it on my blog one day as I think it’s an exciting movement in the mental health area. Anyway, this is my very long winded way of saying that I am feeling my anxiety lifting too and it’s a great feeling. It’s in large part thanks to my amazing support network but also due to the reading and work I’ve been doing about life coaching. It’s really made me evaluate things in my life with interesting outcomes and now I can’t wait to help others!

Signing off now but I’ll be back soon. 😁

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