Creative Writing:- a key for helping with anxiety?

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Hello my lovelies,

I hope you had a good January and that it didn’t feel as long for you as it did for me! The last time you heard from me was in December and I wrote about anxiety. I have been honest on my blog about anxiety and what it has meant to me. In that post I even explained some of the things I do to help my anxiety, such as daily gratitudes, a good routine, seeking professional help and mindfulness. However I have also recently discovered something else which has helped with my anxiety.

For my Christmas my sister and brother-in-law very kindly gifted me a creative writing course. I had my first session on Thursday (31.01.19) and it was very theraputic. Switching off from outside factors and focussing solely on what we were asked to. It was similar to the sensation that I get from sewing. I have to concentrate on what I’m doing and so nothing else gets in.

In our first week we were given the theme of colours. Our first task was to write down all the colours we could think of. Here is a picture of mine:

Creative Writing – a key to helping anxiety?

What would be on your list?

After we completed the list we then had to choose one colour. Those who know me would guess that I would pick purple. But I actually went for gold. We had to put the colour into the centre and then draw lines from the word. We had to write things that we associated with that colour. This was called Cluster writing. We then had to link one of our strands to the five senses and do some Flow writing – which is exactly as it sounds. Just let the words flow out. I started writing a story that I wasn’t sure about but our tutor told us to just stick with whatever we started – and I’m glad she did as it helped me focus on the story and switch off. The story is rubbish but I wrote it.

We then had a look at some different quotes from famous authors with colour as the centre of the piece of writing such as:

“My love is like a red, red rose.”

“The lake was the blue of glacier meltwater with an iridescence not easily forgotten.”

“The coat was blue like a midwinter night an hour before pitch dark.”

These quotes are incredibly evocative and I can see why the tutor chose them to express her point that colour can be an excellent choice for a theme. Out of interest – does anyone know who wrote the famous quotes above? (I’ll let you know next week who they were!)

So if you are a fellow anxiety sufferer I suggest picking up a pen, pencil, crayon – whatever your weapon of choice may be and write. If you need a theme – use colour – you’ll be amazed at where it will take you. I’m already on my second short story and who knows – maybe one day I’ll share one on here!

Till next time,

Katie x

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  1. Great post! Looking forward to reading more from your blog đŸŒ¸
    Sinéad x

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