Challenge 28: What is your love language?

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Morning lovelies,

First of all, apologies that this was yesterday’s challenge.  It was my friend’s hen do yesterday and it was an all day affair!  The challenge was to discuss what my love language is?  If I’m totally honest – I had no idea what this meant, thanks to my friend Google I know understand it to mean – how I want people, specifically my partner, to show affection towards me/what they can do so I know they love me.  My google search lead to a quiz – and since I love a quiz I went for it!  They were marked out of 30.  These were the results:

  1. Acts of service – by doing things such as a chore I don’t want to do or making me dinner – this is apparently the best way to show that you love me – not going to lie – this doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve always leaned more to the side of lazy!  (9/30)
  2. Quality Time – spending time together, with the TV off, mobile phones away and just being in each other’s company, whether that’s at home or out and about.  I would say this is true of all of my relationships though – and I definitely need to keep it in mind myself as I can be a bit of a bugger when it comes to my phone! (8/30)
  3. Receiving Gifts – small, thoughtful gifts, given at random times, just because.  Letting me know that you are thinking of me.  100% true.  My sister is very good at this – throughout the years she has sent me beautiful flowers, cookies for going back to school and a delicious cake! (5/30)
  4. Words of affirmation – compliments, hearing the words I love you, kind, encouraging words.  Insults can leave you shattered and not easily forgotten – I’m actually surprised this isn’t further up the list – as that last part is very true.  I do not forget insults – I may forgive them but I do not forget them and they hurt.  (5/30)
  5. Physical Touch – don’t touch me!  This is so true.  I am not a physically affectionate person.  Never really have been.  I try to hug people more, but I’m pretty bad at it.  So if you know me and you want to hug me – force me!  Cause seriously I’m terrible.  Matt will tell you as well how bad I am!  (3/30)

I would say it’s pretty spot on to be honest.  I’ll make sure to tag Matt in this!  What is your love language?  Do the quiz and let me know!


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