Challenge 24: describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs your family dynamic now.

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Evening Lovelies,

Hope you’ve had a good Tuesday, if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my post earlier!  Despite it only being two days into the working week I feel as if I’ve worked about 12 straight days!  Which is why today’s post is a little later than usual!

Today is all about the family dynamic of my childhood vs my family dynamic now.  As a kid I would say that mum was very much the boss, albeit a very kind-hearted boss she was still the one who was in charge.  Dad worked away a lot when I was younger, but I would say his role was the joker.  He liked to be funny and could really make us laugh as kids.  My sister was my role model, the person I looked up to and fought most with!  I was probably the over-confident, mamma’s girl who was incredibly hyper!

Now-a-days our dynamic is quite different.  As is to be expected really.  My dad is still very much a joker, though it’s mainly terrible dad jokes and cheating in games such as ‘Stobart’ and ‘Train!’ Mum and I are very much the same person and I’m probably still a bit of a mamma’s girl.  My sister and I have an amazing relationship, I’m so glad that she’s my sister.  I love that we have each other and that we have our own language!  We just literally have to say something from a movie or a song or our childhood and the other one can complete it.  “Whoop, whoop. . . ”

Family dynamics are definitely interesting.  We’re very lucky with ours – most likely due to our pretty laid back natures.  What is your family dynamic like?


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