Challenge 23: list your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

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Hi Lovelies,

So it’s challenge 23 today – and I’m going to be telling you about my top 5 hobbies and why I love them.

Number 1 is crafting.  I have always loved making things – including making frames for pictures I drew when I was younger – my lucky mum!  I remember putting cling film over the top to try to recreate the glass!  I love creating things for people as I think it lets them know I’m thinking about them and I can really personalise it.

My second hobby is reading, this can be anything from my ‘Walking Dead’ Comics to Philippa Gregory to Chris Ould.  I really like post-apocalypic type novels, historical and some mysteries.  Though I have to be honest – I hate not knowing something and will quite often read the end of a book because the suspense becomes too much for me!  I try really hard not to but I have to know – this is why no one ever surprises me – because if I know some sort of surprise is coming, I will wear that person down till they tell me!  Anyway, I love reading because it helps to relax me but also takes me away and allows me to travel.  I also learned a lot from the Philippa Gregory books!

Third hobby is learning.  This can be anything from Graphic Design, to blogging, to something to do with education.  I love learning.  It’s great to expand your knowledge and to keep the old grey matter ticking over!

My fourth hobby is scrapbooking.  Last year for my birthday my mum got me a scrapbook for mine and Matt’s Honeymoon, that we went on in April 2017.  I was instantly hooked!  It holds all our memories and was a really fun, creative way of storing things like tickets and photos.

My fourth hobby is photography.  I was very lucky when I was younger and my mum and dad bought me a film camera.  The majority of my photos were shite but luckily digital photography came along and made it much easier for me!  I have been told that I have a good eye for things and I do really enjoy capturing moments.  Even if it’s just on my iphone now because a certain husband of mine has knicked borrowed my digital camera.

I’m always happy to try other things to become a hobby – so let me know what you love to do as a hobby?


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