Challenge twenty: describe three significant memories from your childhood.

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Hey lovlies,

I can’t believe there are only ten days left of the challenge.  I’ve been really enjoying it.  I hope you have been too!  Today’s challenge is to describe three significant memories from my childhood.  Some are happy, some are sad.

1. My first memory that I’m sharing today is one from when I was quite young, perhaps 8 or younger.  My family and I were in France and had gone to a swimming park thing, I can still remember their logo was a Woodpecker.  My sister and I were in the pool and there was an outside section.  To get to it you had to swim under these plastic strips and whilst I was a good swimmer I wasn’t massively confident.  My sister had gone underneath, and typically I followed her.  However I remember going under the water to get under the strips and then I couldn’t get myself back up.  I was under the water and could not find the surface.  Starting to panic a bit, my arms started flailing.  Then I felt someone grab the straps of my swimsuit, pull me up and place me at the side.  As I brushed the chlorine-water out of my eyes and coughed up a lung, I looked to see who had saved my life.  It was my sister and she just casually pushed off from the side and carried on swimming.  I don’t think she quite realised how freaked out I was but I was so incredibly grateful to her.

2. My second memory was when I was 10 years old.  My ‘boyfriend’ and I had split up and we’d had a bit of a falling out.  The class teacher tried to sort it out and we had a circle time.  He was made to apologise to me but got quite upset because he was embarrassed that our ‘business’ had been aired publically.  At break time my best ‘frenemy’ came up to me and said “So . . . , just said I can’t believe I had to apologise to that fat cow!” This was devastating to me.  I had always felt different because I was tall but this just made me feel awful.  It was the start of my body image issues and whilst I’m over it now, it took a really long time.

3. My third memory that I’m sharing from my childhood is one time my sister was really sad and I wanted to cheer her up, so I put on a grass skirt and some other form of costume and went into her room, dancing around to Under The Boardwalk by the Drifters.  I can’t hear that song without thinking of that and I’m pretty sure I succeeded in cheering my sister up!  In fact she tried to get me to show my folks but I got too embarrassed!

What are some of your treasured childhood memories?

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