Challenge nineteen: if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

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Hi Lovelies,

Today’s challenge is an interesting one – if I could live anywhere – seriously it would be Edinburgh.  I love Edinburgh, it is a beautiful city.  Gorgeous architecture, nice people and loads to see and do.  Whether that is going to the theatre, a sunny stroll around the Botanics or going for afternoon tea at one of our many cafes.

Buuuutttttttt . . . if I can’t choose Edinburgh I would 100% choose Italy.  I love Italy.  It is a beautiful country with the most delicious food.  Who wouldn’t want pasta, pizza and gelato.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few places in Italy a few times.  I’ve been to Venice, Verona, Roma, Pompeii and Sicily.  Out of these places I’m not sure which is my favourite.  They each offer something different.

Venice comes with romance, narrow streets matched by narrow canals. It’s so easy to walk around and just get lost (sometimes literally!)

Verona (despite being the home of Romeo and Juliet) appeals to me due to the history found there. The beautiful amphitheatre where we watched Aida, starting with the traditional lighting of the candles – an image I will remember forever!

Roma again for the history, for the open spaces and, of course, for the cat sanctuary!!

To walk around Pompeii was literally one of the most awe-inspiring trips. Walking through the ancient streets where the ruts from the carriages are still very evident, all in the shadow of the massive Vesuvius.

And Sicily, well from the rolling countryside to the bustling centres you very much feel like you are part of the typical Italian, take it easy, type of place. Plus I was reading the wonderful series about Inspector Montalbano, which is set in Sicily and I highly recommend!

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