Challenge seventeen – what is the thing you most wish you were great at?

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Hey Lovelies,

So the Scottish kids are back at school today.  They’ve had (hopefully) a wonderful two weeks off and are back to school refreshed and ready to learn.  My class are P7 this year and we’re on the last leg of their Primary seven and Primary career.  It’s such a bizarre time and we’ll be very, very busy!

Today’s challenge is what I wish I was great at.  For me, this is quite an easy one.  I wish I was great at languages.  I love to travel but hate that I can’t speak the native language.

My first foray into languages was in French when I was 12 and just started High School.  I started off okay, “Bonjour, je m’appelle Katie.  J’habite a Banchory, en ecosse.  J’ai douze ans.”  Then the masculine, feminine and plural came in and my attention flew out the window.  It was also in French class that I realised my eyesight wasn’t great in my left eye – cause I was closing each eye individually and then realised I couldn’t see as clearly with my left as I could with my right.

My sister on the other hand, is amazing with languages (not that she would admit it!)  She lived in Paris for a year and had a fantastic year being emerged in the culture of Paris!!  It meant she made a great tour guide when we went back a few years later and she took me to the most amazing places, including the ‘secret’ entrance to the Louvre.  I was in awe when she would converse with people in perfect French.

Ironically, I now have to teach French and Spanish as a Primary school teacher.  In my current school I’m lucky because we have a French Specialist (Hi Hilary!) but in my previous school I taught both.  Luckily the council had created Powerpoints that we could use, because the only word I know in Spanish is ‘once’ – pronounced like (Bey)Once.  This is the only reason I remember how to say it!

Perhaps I need to make a list of languages I would like to learn and make an effort to do so:

  1. French
  2. Italian
  3. Spanish
  4. German
  5. Chinese/Mandarin
  6. Russian
  7. Danish/Faroese
  8. Japanese

That’s probably enough for now!  How are you with languages?  What language would you like to learn?  What’s the thing you wish you were great at?


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