Challenge sixteen: what are your four greatest accomplishments.

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Hey lovelies,

First of all I want to say a massive happy birthday to my older sister, I hope she has a fab day and is getting spoilt by her wonderful husband!   So today’s challenge is to discuss what my four greatest accomplishments are.  I’ll tell you what – this challenge is doing wonders for my self-esteem -thinking about all these amazing things that I’ve done or am!  However, as someone who is clumsy, naturally, it is easy for me to find my very first accomplishment.

  1. I didn’t trip walking down/up the aisle on my wedding day.  It is a genuine fear for a lot of people I think but with most people it’s that – a fear.  For me it was a genuine possibility.  My dad used to say, that as a child, I would trip over my own shadow.  It’s true.  When you look back at photos of me when I was a kid – I always had a plaster on my knee.  Although I did not trip or fall, I was laughing.  My dad, in an effort to calm any nerves, decided to tell me that he had farted just as we started to walk down the aisle – if you know me, you know this is my kryptonite!  So didn’t fall, but did laugh – a lot!
  2. My second greatest accomplishment is getting my maths grade.  As you may have read the other day – maths is not my strong point.  It never has been but when I knew that I needed to get it to even be considered for the PGDE, I made sure that I got it.
  3. Which leads me perfectly onto my third greatest accomplishment.  My PGDE was a quick course on how to teach.  It was very quick!  But in that year we had to do 4 placements, 2 essays and a presentation (I believe it has changed since I studied!)  One of my essays was on child development and I got an A.  I had never received an A before (except for the one in my maths!) And it was such an amazing feeling.
  4. My next greatest accomplishment is the fact that I am more aware of what I want and who I am and that I really stick to it now.  This is an accomplishment for me because for many years, and sometimes even still now, I worried about other people’s opinions.  As I get older (as I was told when I was younger) I care less!

So tell me lovelies, what are your greatest accomplishments?


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