Challenge fourteen: describe 5 strengths you have.

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Hello lovelies,

So today’s challenge is to write about five of my strengths.  I always hate when you have to think of your strengths and weaknesses for interviews – you always have to make sure that you don’t cross over into sounding like an arrogant ass!   So with that in mind here are my arrogant strengths:

1.   I like to think that one of my strengths is kindness.  I try, at all times, to show kindness to everyone, be it doing them a favour, or listening when they need it.  For me kindness is one of the most important values that humans should show.


2. Creativity – I am an incredibly creative individual.  Whilst this started as ‘day dreaming’ when I was a kid and can sometimes lead me to have my head in the clouds, it also brings with it the ability to solve problems, to think outside the box and to create beautiful things for myself and others.

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3. My tenacity. When I decided that teaching was what I actually wanted to do in my early twenties I realised that I needed to get my maths grade as it had not been good enough at school.  So I spent a year, travelling to the College at Sighthill, to get my maths qualification and not only did I get it but I got an A!  Proving to myself that when I put my mind to it, when I persevere, I can achieve anything – cause when I say I hate maths, I mean I really hate maths.  It had always been a topic I had strugged with but there I was getting an A.  And now, with teaching, I don’t hate it as much.  Just a mild dislike towards it.

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4. Patience.  I have bucket loads of patience.  I think you need to to work with children!  It definitely has a breaking point but it takes a lot to get me there.  And then I become a fury!


5. Humour.  I think I can be quite good at making people laugh – though it might quite often be through use of sarcasm!  I like to make people laugh and have a laugh with people.  There is nothing like a proper belly-aching laugh session and if I find something really funny then the ‘banshee’ comes out!

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So tell me, what are your strengths?  If you know me, do you agree with my strengths?


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