Challenge thirteen: describe five weaknesses I have!

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Hey lovelies,

Right, today’s challenge is describing five weaknesses I have.  When I saw this on the list I genuinely thought that I’d find this easy and my strengths difficult but it’s really been the other way around!  Which I guess is a weakness in and of itself.  I’m sure I could ask my friends and family what they consider my weaknesses but here we go, this is what I came up with:

  1. I have quite high standards, of both myself and others.  When it comes to myself I’m quite the perfectionist, which can make day-to-day things difficult.  In fact my High School art teacher picked up on it and told me that I was so concerned about getting it right that I wasn’t getting it right!  It was harsh at the time but I realise that she was absolutely right.  With regards to the high standards of other people I have definitely been guilty, in the past, of having expectations of how people will behave or act and when they don’t behave or act in that way I find myself very disappointed – which is totally all me and I also have to get things right, I don’t cope very well when I get it wrong and have always been this way.  It might come from my second (and possibly biggest weakness) which is . . .
  2. My need to please other people.  I have always felt the need to make sure others are happy, so much so that I have actually made myself ill striving to ensure that everyone was happy, even if it put myself at risk.  As I get older I’m doing this less and less, and I’m also becoming very aware that there are some people who are willing to, and do, take advantage of this – there always have been but as I’m getting older I’m less likely to take it – no thanks.
  3. I’m lazy, there is no other way to say it.  I’m a big, lazy bones.  Now in fairness this was very much true before my diagnosis, and whilst it is probably still very much true I like to think it’s not!  I like to think that if I had the energy I would sort my  flat out and it would be neat and tidy and be a happy place to be! Especially for my mind, the chaos of the flat can sometimes match the chaos of my brain and it makes it very difficult to relax – so my summer holiday plans are – sort the flat out!! If I haven’t worn it in the last year – it’s going in the bin – which is difficult for me as my next weakness is . . .
  4. Hoarding.  My god, I am terrible.  I get sentimental over dresses that I’ve owned for years, or something that a family member or friend has bought for me.  However, seeing the state of my Grandpa’s house I can see where I get this trait from, the man has boxes from phones that he threw out years ago – cause he might need it!  Now even I think that is too far!
  5. I’m opinonated.  I’m terrible, seriously – don’t you dare try and disagree with me!  It’s something that I’ve (sadly) only just become aware of in myself and something I’m striving to change.  But it leads to me either getting really excited and cutting people off or shouting them down – two qualities which I’m sure really endear people to me!

So those are my five biggest weaknesses.  I’m fairly certain that with a bit of work I can get rid of these weaknesses, or at the very least, not have them so promenent in my life.  With that said, tomorrow I’m bringing you my five strengths.  Have a fab Friday (the 13th!) folks, see you tomorrow!


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