Challenge twelve: describe a typical day in your life.

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Hello Lovelies,

The challenge continues, today brings challenge 12 and with it I’m meant to describe a typical day in my life!  Well as any teacher will tell you there is no such thing as a typical day but I’ll give you a basic run through of my Mondays at work.

Monday – wake up about 6.30 a.m, still have a bit of energy left over from the weekend (usually.)  Get into work about 7.45 a.m. and have breakfast with my colleagues before heading up to my classroom about 8 a.m./8.15 a.m.  The children have P.E. first thing so I can use that time to prepare materials for the week if I didn’t do it on the Friday before.  If I did then usually I am either planning, marking or assessing the children’s work.  When the children come in from break I do something called “Emotions Wall.”  It’s where the children tell me how they are feeling that day and why they are feeling that way.  It’s one of my favourite things to do as it really helps build a bond quite quickly with the children and lets them know that I’m interested in them too.  After that we usually have maths then lunch at 12.20 p.m.  I head down to hang out with my colleagues and have my lunch away from the classroom.  I’m back up to the class about 1.00, just to make sure I’m prepared for the afternoon before the children come in at 1.10 for ICT or topic, depending on what the focus needs to be on that day.  At 2.00pm we have reading buddies with a P2 class, and at 2.40pm we come back up to finish off whatever we were doing prior to reading buddies until about 3.10pm when we tidy up the classroom, ready to leave at 3.15 p.m, well the children leave then.  At this point I usually take a few minutes to chill out, before getting on with the planning, assessment and marking that seems to be a constant from August till June.  I usually leave work between 5 and 6 p.m. depending on the workload for that day – and although I’ve left work then, it doesn’t mean that my work is done.  I’m just usually ravenous by that point and might chew off my arm!  Once I’ve had dinner, I will continue working until about 8.30p.m./9p.m.  I always try to finish an hour before bed to give my head a chance to settle down and switch off.  That being said, I have been making a consious effort to leave my work, at work.  I’m getting better at it but sometimes there is just so much to do that I have to bring it home, and I’m always on Pinterest trying to find interesting (and different) ways of teaching.

So there you have it.  That is my ‘typical’ day at work.  And whilst this all sounds like it’s perfectly planned out and timed, again, any teacher or person who works with children, will tell you that never has the phrase ‘best laid plans’ felt so real.  You never know what’s coming from the children, and that’s part of the magic of working with them.

So what is your typical Monday like?


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