Challenge eleven: Describe 10 pet peeves you have – this IS going to be a challenge!

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Hi Lovelies,

So today’s challenge is describing 10 pet peeves I have – this is definitely going to be a challenge!  I have many, many, many pet peeves.  As I get older, I become more grumpy and less tolerant as well, so things that probably didn’t bother me before make my blood boil now.  So without further-ado, my list of 10 pet peeves, again in no particular order:

  1. People who chew loudly/with their mouths open.  Seriously – can you chew louder?  Now in fairness – I’m probably guilty of this too but I can’t hear myself eat – I can hear others though and it drives me up the wall.  But not as much as people chewing with their mouths open – gads – no one needs to see the inside of your mouth, especially when you are chewing.  If you really, really have to open your mouth when you are chewing, put your hand up and cover it.
  2. People who do not thank you when driving.  So as a driver there will be times when you have a narrow piece of road, and you will have to wait for other vehicles to pass by.  Most people will either flash their lights or raise their hand as a way to thank you for waiting but see when people don’t!  Grrr the air turns very blue in my car.
  3. Lack of manners in general.  Is it really that difficult to hold the door open for someone?  To say thank you to someone?  To just be generally pleasant to other human beings?  As many people say, manners are free (and worth their weight in gold!)
  4. Being British, I cannot stand it when someone skips the queue.  I swear they will feel my glare burning into the back of their head.  There is a queue for a reason pal!!  Get to the back of it where you belong!  The anger is real people.
  5. Poor apologies – “I’m sorry if. . . ” or “I’m sorry you feel that way.”  Um just because you say the word sorry doesn’t mean that you actually are – especially if you say it in either of these ways.  Those aren’t apologies, those are you, maybe, acknowledging the other persons emotions/thoughts/feelings but you are certainly not apologising!  Also if you apologise for something, that means you don’t do it again!
  6. People leaving their rubbish places it shouldn’t be.  In Edinburgh we are so lucky with our open green spaces.  One place in particular is the meadows.  On a sunny day in Edinburgh, you cannot move for people out drinking, bbq’ing and socialising.  Even if it’s 5 degrees, we’re out there.  I used to live right next to the meadows and the following day I would look out my big, bay windows and want to cry, then rage.  The amount of rubbish left out on the parks was tragic.  There are bins everywhere, and yes they might be full, but just put all your shit into a bag and leave it next to the bin.  It’s not difficult.
  7. Lateness – people running late – constantly.  Seriously folks, there is no excuse for it all the time.  Maybe once or twice.  But if it happens regularly you are basically saying that my time is not important and that’s not okay.
  8. People who take the piss out of you but can’t take it if you give it back.  Seriously you cannot laugh at other people and not at yourself.  Again, in fairness, when I was a kid/teenager I wasn’t able to do this.  But I think that was because I was so insecure that having other people laugh at me was horrendous but I also didn’t really take the piss out of people.  So yeah, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.
  9. Lying – I cannot stand lying – not even a little white lie.  Maybe if it’s to protect someone’s feelings but even then I believe in telling the truth – just adapting the way that you tell someone is better than lying to them.  It is the one thing that can break the trust in a relationship and that is difficult to get back.
  10. People not building others up.  I don’t understand this.  I don’t get why you would pull others down.  We should be building each other up.  My mum always says “Life throws enough shit our way, why add to it?”  And she’s absolutely right.  So let’s start building one another, supporting one another and celebrating each other’s successes.

Okay, I’m going to have to go chill out now because just writing this list has raised my blood pressure.  Do you have any pet peeves?  (By the way, the word pet peeves is a bit of a ‘pet peeve!’)

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