Challenge ten: Describe my most embarrassing moment.

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Hey Lovelies,

Hmm so today’s challenge is about my most embarrassing moment – which one to choose.  It’s difficult as there are many but let me go with what I think are my top three.  In no particular order for embarrassment . . .

  1. I have mentioned this one before but it really was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me – in fact I can’t really listen to the Eurythmics without blushing because that’s what we were listening to in the car.  So I was about 13/14 years old.  My mum, dad, sister and I were in a restaurant in Brittany, France.  It was a seaside cafe and was quite busy.  We were in the height of the spice girls popularity so I was wearing my green ‘army’ coloured, drawstring trousers.  I was sat down next to my dad and all was okay.  Dad and I both had to go to the toilet so he got up and walked towards them, and I followed soon after.  I stood up, started to walk when I felt the distinct sensation of my trousers falling down.  Horrified, my face showed I was, I used my cat-like reflexes to grab the trousers before they hit my knees and yanked them up.  But it was too late, I had been spotted, not only by the poor unassuming customers and people walking to the beach but by my mum and sister who were almost wetting themselves laughing.  I skuttled off to the toilet and stood in there for a while, mortified and working up the courage to go back out.  As I turned the corner, I saw that my loving, caring family, were still pissing themselves laughing at me.  So I knew it wasn’t going away any time soon.  Luckily my pale skin had already been burnt by the sun so my red face just blended in!!!
  2. My second one, oh it still makes me cringe, happened when I was about 15.  I was in English class and sat at the back.  I was in the phase where I thought I was really cool (clearly still in it!) and was swinging in my chair.  I can still feel that moment of panic as the seat went too far back and I braced myself for the crash as I landed on the floor but it didn’t come – miracle I was saved by the wall.  The wooden panel wall.  Phew.  Nope! Slowly, very slowly I started to slide down the wall.  There was nothing I could do.  I thought “Okay, I’ll slide down the wall and then get up slyly – it’ll be fine.”  But as I slid my trousers started to be pulled down too – oh my god!  In my classroom, people starting to notice and I’m flashing them my pants.  I tried to pull my jumper down too so it would cover my bare butt.  Eventually I was a crumpled heap on the floor and, of course, by this point most people in the class had turned round to look at me.  I remember just putting my head in my arms and laughing, silently, and people thinking I was crying, asking if I was okay.  I think I said, yes but please stop looking at me.  I don’t even remember how I got back up and how I managed to pull my trousers back up without people noticing but I will never forget that slow slide down the wall.
  3. My third, most embarrassing moment, happened when some friends and I went to Paris.  There were five of us who went and three of us were into the musical Phantom of the Opera.  So we were keen to go to the Opera house that the musical is set in.  We were walking around, admiring the beauty of the Opera House when we made our way down the stairs.  There were some mirror panels and a dry fountain.  I was walking around with Stevie when he said, “Oh look it’s the phantom!” I, playing along with him, said “Where?” As I spun around to look at where he was pointing I lost my footing and fell over the lip of the dry fountain, landing on my knee and twisting my ankle.  As I sat in the dry fountain, tourists eyes upon me, pain shooting up my leg from knee to ankle, I felt tears start to form and looked for comfort from my friends.  Instead I found Sarah hysterically laughing at me, but thank god she did – I then started to laugh and she helped me up and hobble out of the fountain.  It was so embarrassing and I’m pretty sure a tourist asked me if I was okay as we were walking up the steps – just muttered yep thanks and hobbled on.

So yeah, those are three of my most embarrassing moments.  I’m sure there are others and I’m sure my friends and family will comment with – “What about this time?”  Or “What about that?”  So tell me, what are your most embarrassing moments?


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