Challenge Nine: List 10 people who influence you and why?

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Hey Lovelies,

Okay, today’s challenge is to list 10 people who influence me and why.  This is going to be tough – not because my life is short of people who have inspired me but because there are so many people who influence me – who make me strive to be my best self.  So in no particular order, here are the ten people who have influenced me throughout my life:

  1. My mum.  Clearly she has not only inspired me to be a teacher but I like to think that she has inspired me to work hard, to observe and to show kindness to others.  When I was a kid we would take the dog for a walk and she was always pointing things out to me – as I grew older she told me that she had done that to ensure I was an observant person.  I love that she did that, and I like to think that it worked.  We also totally share a sense of humour – which I love.
  2. My dad.  He is a hard-working man who pushed himself to be better.  He is incredibly generous and (though don’t tell him I said this) funny.  Whenever I need advice about something I will ask him (and usually mum too) and he is always the voice of reason.  Even if I think I’m right and I’m not (which very rarely happens!) He can help me see things from other people’s point of view.
  3. My sister.  She has always been someone I looked up to.  To me she came across as a confident person, who knew her mind, knew what she wanted to do and did it.  I love this aspect of my sister and hope that I can have even a little bit of this confidence.  She’s also hilarious, can truly make me laugh like no one else and has the same generous spirit that my mum and dad have.
  4. My husband.  Matt has a great way of putting people at ease.  He can literally speak to anyone – truly anyone and can gauge their interests really quickly, letting people know that he is genuinely interested in them and their stories.  He also has the most amazing booming laugh – which I’m certain can be heard from miles away and gives the best hugs.
  5. One of my friends – Sarah.  She influences me because she always makes you feel loved and cared for.  She’ll send little messages, exactly when I need them and knows exactly what to say.  She has worked hard to get where she is and is one of the most generous people I know.  Always goes above and beyond.
  6. Another  one of my friends – Niamh.  She is a funny, down-to-earth and Irish.  She is the voice of reason and is amazing at being caring but also letting you know when you’re being a d*ck.  Not that I am! I’ve had many a funny night at Niamh’s and am delighted to get to call her friend.
  7. Another one of my friends – Emily.  She is one of the most amazing people I have ever been lucky enough to meet – seriously if you could have Emily as a friend – you should.  She would literally do anything for you and is rasing the BEST girl!  She’s the best mum.
  8. My Primary 5 teacher – Mrs Murdoch.  When we found out that Mrs Murdoch was our Primary 5 teacher, the children in her class told us that you could tell what sort of mood she was in judging by her hair.  If she wore her hair in a bun then she was in a terrible mood, if she wore it down then she was happy.  Guess which hair-style Mrs Murdoch wore  But she was amazing.  The correct amount of fear and kindness.  You genuinely never wanted to do something bad in her class because she was like a fury if you pissed her off but she also had a really kind side to her.  I can remember every project we did and our fabulous trips to the farm with her.  Sadly, a couple of years after she taught us, Mrs Murdoch was killed in a car crash.
  9. My ex-colleague but still friend – Alison.  Seriously this woman is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and being friends with.  She’s one of the most thoughtful people and one of the best teachers.  She is so passionate about the children in her class, she always wants what is best for them and, practically, kills herself to ensure they get it.  She is so strong and hilarious.  She makes me laugh so much and brings a bit of light to what can be a sad day.
  10. My brother-in-law – Nick.  When Nick first started out in the line of work that he’s in now he had no experience and no degree.  He worked hard, and still does, to get into the amazing position that he is in now.  It’s awesome to see how his hard work has paid off and it’s definitely influential because he’s proved that by working hard you can get to where you need to be.

So that’s my list, but as I said, this was a difficult one for me because I’m influenced by a great number of people, including some people who I only really started to get to know in August.  So to those who are named on this list, and to those who aren’t but you probably know who you are, thank you for being you.

So tell me, who influences you?

EDIT:  To satisfy Louise’s ego – I will also include Louise Mackay on my list of people who influence me.  She definitely knows how to make me laugh, has the most amount of confidence in anyone I’ve ever met – literally doesn’t care what you think about her and is a kind-hearted, sweet soul.  (Happy Louise?? xxxx)


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