Challenge seven: What is your dream job, and why?

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Hello Lovelies,

A very happy Saturday to you all.  I hope you’re doing something good!  I’m up north, in the wee Aberdeenshire town that I grew up in.  I love coming up and visiting my dad and friends, and seeing my wee town and how much it has changed since I lived here (and how much it hasn’t – it’s such a safe space!)

Today’s challenge is what my dream job is and why.  Well I have to be really boring and say that I am already doing my dream job, since I was a young girl I played at being a teacher and now I am one.  I love it because working with children is incredibly rewarding and no two days are the same.

However, I do have a real entrepreneur spirit and so if I wasn’t a teacher it would definitely be running my own business.  I would love to make and sell crafts, or graphic design, or child care.  I like the idea of putting my creativity into something.  I enjoy making things for friends and family.

What about you guys?  What’s your dream job?


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