Challenge Three: My Relationship With My Parents.

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Hello Lovelies,

Today’s challenge is to discuss my relationship with my parents.  First of all, I’m incredibly lucky that I still have both of my parents in my life and get to see them both frequently.

My mum is my rock.  She’s the person I turn to when I need to make sure that I’ve done the right thing and she always has the most sound advice.  She is a kind-hearted, funny woman who past her ‘specific’ humour on to me!  She put up with my sh*t as a teenager when I was truly Kevin the teenager for a couple of years.  We can talk about anything, and we do!  I have always had a very close relationship with my mum and I cherish it.  We had a Golden Retriever when I was growing up and would spend many hours walking him in the woods behind our house and at Crathes Castle.

My dad is one of the most generous people I know.  I have a great relationship with my dad and we still go away every year together during the summer, this year we’re going back to the Faroes.  We definitely didn’t have the easiest relationship when I was a teenager.  I was am a very sensitive person and dad would quite often take the p*ss out of me and whilst I now can give as good as I get, as a teenager I would just get super angry and upset.  But a couple of memories that really stands out from my childhood/teenage years are when I had tonsillitis as a teenager and I fell asleep on the sofa with the French doors open and when I woke up he was closing the doors and had bought me magazines and ice cream.  My dad travelled to London quite a lot and one time he came back on my birthday and had brought me a pair of speakers.  Like I said, generous.

Until recently my mum lived in London and my dad still lives up North.  I adore having FaceTime – it makes me feel so much closer to them – and now that my mum has moved to Edinburgh – I truly am closer to her!


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