Challenge Two: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

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Hello Lovelies,

So day two of my April challenge, 3 fears and how they came to be!  So the first fear is a super obvious one!

  1. Spiders – I cannot stand them.  I love that they catch bugs and keep their numbers down but seriously why do they have to creep around my house?  Why do they have to appear so suddenly?  Why do they have to be in my car, above my bed? Why? Why? Why?  This fear definitely stems from when I was a kid, my mum was changing the bed sheets and she pulled back the bed cover and let out that scream, you know the scream I mean.  Billy Connolly describes it perfectly!

And from that moment on the little buggers were a source of pure fear for me.

2. My second fear – again is quite a common one – is clowns.  This comes from when I was a kid, walking in France with my family when a guy, who was pretending to be a clown, jumped out at me – leading to an obvious hatred of all things clown – but seriously – they are super creepy!

Image result for clown waving

3.  Global Warming.  I think this is a legitimate fear because truly we have seen it happening.  Watching the habitat of the Polar Bears disappear before our very eyes has been horrifying and we need to step up and make change.  It is exciting to see how some countries have already started.  We can all help, and we all need to.  It is our responsibility to stop destroying the world.

Image result for global warming polar bears

Do you have any deep rooted fears?  Let me know.



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