Challenge One: 20 Random Facts About Me

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Hello Lovelies,

Okay, day one, challenge one.  To list 20 random facts about myself!  Truthfully when I saw this was the first challenge I was quite daunted by it – still am if I’m totally honest.  But onwards and upwards – here come the 20 random facts about me.

  1. I was sorted into Hufflepuff – and I’m pretty happy about it!
  2. My favourite hobby is imagining what I would do if I won the lottery – not sure it can be considered a hobby but I do spend a lot of time doing it!
  3. I love the colour purple.
  4. I look up to my sister.  She’s my hero.
  5. I really enjoy the music of Seth Lakeman, it’s the type of music that just makes my heart happy.
  6. When I was 14, my family and I were in France on holiday, I was wearing trousers with a draw string tie.  We were having lunch in a sea-side restaurant, busy one, and when I stood up to go to the bathroom my trousers fell down – but I have reflexes like a cat so they only got to my knees.  I can still see my sister and mum laughing at me!
  7. My pets are my life because I love the sound of their purring and their very different personalities.
  8. I’m afraid of spiders, as in I can’t even stand a little one.  It’s all in the legs!  I’m sure it’s my ancient ancestors telling me I should be wary of anything that moves like that!
  9. As I’ve grown older I’ve realised I’m quite closed off.  It takes a lot for me to trust people and let my barriers down.  I’m sure this has a lot to do with my teenage years.
  10. When I was a kid, when I wasn’t pretending to be a teacher, I pretended to be a hotel receptionist – it was my favourite game.
  11. My guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians.  I love it.  Khloe is the best.
  12. I have a huge bucket list, but some of the things on it are:  Go on Safari to see the animals and see more of the world.
  13. My friends are all amazing, truly, some of the most supportive, creative and wonderful women I have ever met.  My best friend is Sarah.  I’ve known her for about 15 years, we met when we both worked at the cinema.  She’s one of the most generous, kind hearted and funniest people I know.
  14. The accomplishment I am most proud of is gaining my A in maths.  I know this seems small but in High School I gave up maths as soon as I could.  Then, after completing my first degree I knew I wanted to study teaching but to do that I needed my maths.  So I went to college for a year, after work, for a two hour session on a Thursday night and I got an A.  I was incredibly proud of myself.
  15. One time, in my second year of teaching, I was teaching a primary 3 class.  We were talking about animals and pets and this one child came up to tell me about her pet hamster and how it used to be a girl but now it’s a boy.  He had a funny bum, cause it looked like two orangy balls and sometimes his tail popped out – I have never had to bite down on my lip so hard in all my life.  For those who watched Bo Selecta – you will know why this was incredibly difficult – “Oh no . . . “

Image result for avid merrion bear16.  I love to bullet journal.  It helps me keep organised and is incredibly creative – which I love.

17. I once, almost, ‘killed’ Elijah Wood.  I worked at the cinema and was talking to my friend.  When I stepped backwards I stepped into someone and nearly crushed them.  Turned around – oh hello Mr Wood.  He was incredibly gracious about it and his eyes were super blue!

18. I love, love, love experimenting with my make-up and hair.  I have done since I was a kid, and it’s something I’m still getting to grips with – my next challenge is to learn the old contouring – I know it’s old hat now but I don’t often do things when others do.

19. When I need to deal with anxiety I take myself to the woods, even if it’s just in my head.  That is my safe place.  It’s where I grew up, where I spent my childhood.

20. I’m a classic over-thinker.  I overthink EVERYTHING!

Well there you have it folks, my first challenge of April.  I hope you learned a few things about me.  So lets hear your lists – give me 20 facts about you!


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