Hey lovelies,

Not going to lie, today has been a very slow day for me.  That’s not to say I didn’t do anything, but it was very casual.  It started out with a late start i.e. 7.30am as opposed to my weekday 6am.  One fur baby in particular decided that it was time for me to get up and pay attention to her, fluffy tail and all.

The Early Morning Culprit

I had made plans to meet my friend for brunch, I’ve not seen her for a while so it was good to catch up.  We met at Rocksalt for brunch, I definitely chose something healthy to eat, I most definitely did not order pancakes with nutella, nope not me!  (Sorry, not that sorry!)  Rocksalt has become a bit of frequent haunt of mine with some of my buddies.  It’s got a modern decor with some pretty good food and a great variety at that.

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We were joined by our other friend and in the end I spent about 3 and a half hours in there!  We got to sit and enjoy the warmth whilst watching little flakes of snow falling.  Luckily this time it hasn’t settled!  After Brunch I headed home to settle down and watch some Grey’s Anatomy – my absolute favourite this month – I haven’t watched it before and I’m enjoying it but wow, the writer’s know how to hit you in the feels repeatedly and from what I’ve been told – there is much, much worse to come!  Matt was out doing a couple of Engagement Shoots today – in fact check out www.mattephotography.co.uk for his blog posts on his latest shoots.

Tonight Matt and I are planning a movie night and it will most likely involve some salted popcorn and Coke Zero – as to what we’re watching no idea.

I’ve been lucky today – I seem to have more energy than some days but as the title suggests – it’s been a very sedentary day.  I found an amazing infographic that explains chronic pain/illness really well.  I’ll share it here too – because I think it’s really important for those with chronic pain/illness, or for those who know and love someone with chronic pain/illness to see this.


So lovelies, whatever you are doing this cold, windy Saturday night – let me know.  Have a great night and a fab rest of your weekend.

This will be us:

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