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I recently took part in the Rebellious Self Love Challenge set by Margot Meanie.  On day twelve we said were asked how we cope with Monday’s.  My response was:

“It’s all about how we cope with Monday’s, truthfully only some of the things I’ve put on my word art are true but they are what I want. It’s the calm that I want to approach my week with. ”


This was about the furthest thing from my mind this Monday though, today Monday felt like my enemy!  Probably a mixture of things but it’s mainly due to a busy, busy, busy work week last week and my birthday celebrations on Friday – when I woke up on Saturday my body felt like it was weighed down.  When I start to feel like this my memory starts to get a bit hazy, I struggle to find words and can even do things like try to get into the wrong car at a multi-storey car park! Yep – managed to do that on Sunday.  So coming into Monday I had managed to get a bit of sleep but it really solidifies to me the importance of being organised.  Ask my folks and they will tell you that even as a young girl organisation was very important to me and this has continued well into my adult life.  Next blog post I’ll be sharing with you my method of organisation – make sure you come back on Thursday to catch it.  See you then.


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