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It’s good to be back!  I had a wonderful birthday yesterday – 34 is very much the same as being 33 – funny that.  I always remember as a kid you are so desperate to be older that when people ask you your age you can sometimes go as far as to add a half or even a three-quarters in there!  When I turned five, my parents decided to video my party – which was broken out quite a lot during my teenager years – apologies to those I made watch it – numerous times!  One of my favourite bits is at the end, when I’m opening my birthday cards and am truly horrified that someone got me a card that said ‘4’ not five!  Now I’d love someone to mistake me for being younger than I am!

Anyway, I started my day by opening cards and presents from friends and family before heading into work.  I treated myself to a birthday cinnamon bun (sorry Leszek!)  One of my pupils even brought me in a wee birthday gift – which was incredibly sweet.  After school I went home for my usual Friday Disco Nap (although maybe it’s more of a Nana nap now-a-days!) before heading out for dinner at one of my favourite Edinburgh Restaurants, The Honours.  I was joined by my husband, mum and dad.  Matt and I have been before, but it was the first time for mum and dad and they really enjoyed it.

We were greeted by the hostess for the evening and were asked if we wanted a drink before heading through, as we were with my dad the answer was obvious (sorry dad!)  We perused the menu before settling on a Champagne Cocktail for mum, a Kir Royale for me, Gin and Tonic for dad and, of course, a Lagavulin 16 year old Whisky for Matt.


We had a chance to look at the menu before we went through and had all very much decided what we were going to have.

We went through to our table and mum and dad really loved the decor of the restaurant, as do I – it’s got a very 1930’s Art Deco appeal to it, with golden circles, mirrors, asymetric lines and comfy leather seats. We ordered our meals and sat back to enjoy the atmosphere.  Mum had a Roulade of Wisharts’ Cured Smoked Salmon (£12.50) for a starter and she shared that evening’s special with Matt, which was an amazing Rack of Lamb, Dauphinoise Potatoes, skinny chips, carrots and french beans.  As a starter Matt had Hand Rolled Tagliatelle with roasted Orkney Scallops and truffle puree (£16.00.)  Dad had the Swiss Cheese Souffle (£15.95,) though he foolishly offered to let others try it and wasn’t left with very much!  For his main he had a delicious-looking (and tasting) Bouillabaisse (£23.50) and I had a fantastic Roasted Celeriac with Goats Cheese (£8.50) and for my main a beautiul 250g fillet steak (£36.50) with sides of Skinny Chips (£4.25,) Extra Fine French Beans (£4.25) and Garlic and Herb Chantenay carrots (£4.25.)

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And as if that wasn’t enough (though it was for dad) we decided to follow up with some dessert too.  Matt had The Honours Sundae (£8.00,) Mum had the Mille-Feuille (£8.50) and I had the Valrhona White Chocolate Mousse with Rhubarb and Champagne Sorbet (£8.00.)  It was absolutely delicious but I’m pretty sure had some Rice Crispies in the middle of the Mousse – was still delicious – just very unexpected.  Whilst bringing us our dessert, the wonderful staff also brought over our 4 chocolate truffles with a special twist.

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It was an absolutely perfect way to spend my birthday and I’m glad I got to share ‘The Honours’ with my mum and dad.  If you’re looking for somewhere amazing to eat in Edinburgh definitely try ‘The Honours.’  It is quite highly priced but once you taste the food and experience the level of service that you receive, you’ll understand why.



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