It’s finally back – The Walking Dead.  When we left them all those months ago, most of Alexandria were trapped underneath said town and Carl had revealed a zombie bite on his abdomen.  We also saw King Ezekiel being captured by some of the Saviours.  The ‘garbage’ people – who in my opinion are garbage had abandoned Rick (shocking!) And Aaron and Enid had gone to the Oceansiders to ask for help, before Enid then killed the leader – she was about to kill Aaron after all!

To celebrate it’s return, Matt and I decided to make something from this wonderful book, The Walking Bread, that my colleague bought me for my Christmas.  And of course, it wouldn’t be right to make anything other than the Carl Cupcakes!

Carl Cupcakes
From the book – definitely not ours!!

Maybe slightly ambitious as our first outing from the book but it had to be done.  Matt did the brunt work, preparing everything and getting the cupcakes baking whilst I was at work.  When I got home we iced them in preparation for the Walking Dead at 9pm today on Fox (keep an eye out for us eating them!) Think it is safe to say that we’ll be working pretty hard with Leszek this week, next week and probably the week after to work these bad boys off – but I’ll tell you what – they were worth it!  I can’t wait to eat them!  How are you celebrating the return of The Walking Dead?

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