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Hello my lovelies.

Okay so this is very much not a secret, to those who know me, and probably now to everyone who reads my blog, but my furbabies are my life.  It’s amazing how these wonderful creatures come into our lives and we just fall in love.  Our girls are nearly 5 years old and the minute I met them I fell in love with them.

Matt and I were moving into our own flat and I had been without a pet for nearly 10 years.  As I am a teacher I knew we had to get a pet that was relatively self-sufficient and cats could not be more so.

Growing up I had a wonderful tabby cat called Paddy.  I can still remember picking him up, he was the last in the litter and his mum was the sweetest cat ever, full of face boops and purring.  I tried to carry him back to the car and he freaked out and scratched my neck, but I still loved him.

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What I loved most about Paddy was his sweet nature, when he learned that if he made a certain noise that he would wake us up, which he made regularly at 3 a.m, he would wake us up by biting our heads affectionately and drinking out of our water glasses.

So when looking for our own cat, we first of all decided that we should get two – to keep each other company and I found two kits available on gumtree.  I drove out to meet them and it was quite literally love at first sight.  All their siblings were there and they were all meowing.  Kaira climbed up my shoe and attempted to climb my leg – I knew I needed her there and then.  That time I actually met a different tabby, a male who we were going to call Murray but due to a confusion the owner text me and said that he wasn’t available but his sibling, a female was.  We went out again so that Matt could meet the girls and they quickly found their way into his heart and his hood.

We moved into our flat on August 16 2013 and we picked the kittens up on August 19 2013.  In hindsight, we maybe should have waited more than three days after moving in but I truly would not change them for anything.  Their little mews, the way they run to greet us at the door with their tails in the air, their attitude, just about everything about them.  The girls spent their first few weeks on my lap, sleeping and distracting me.  We named them Kaira (black kit) and Malka (tabby kit.)  The girls were definitely my fur babies but then we decided to get them spayed.  After that Kaira found it very difficult to forgive me and 4 years later – still hasn’t actually forgiven me, though I do get love at 2 in the morning.  I love the girls so much that I named my crafting business after them.


And even when they scratch my face I still love them – cause they let me use their tail as a moustache.

As they got older we noticed that Malka would get really terrified when we went to the vets.  She would clamber on top of her sister, over her head, and cower in the corner.  Her little paws would get sweaty and she’d leave little kitten prints on the vets table.

Eventually I heard about a vet who comes to you.  They are called Pawsquad and our vet is called Martha.  Martha is amazing.  She works really well with the cats and takes her time so that they don’t feel rushed or scared.  Don’t get me wrong, they still hide in the corner but it’s definitely less stressful for all involved.  When deciding whether to use Pawsquad or not we weighed up the cost of using them over going to the vets and actually it works out to be roughly the same, but with the added bonus of not stressing our kits out.  So are there any other mad cat lovers out there?  Let me know your stories about how you got your fur babies.  Here are, about a million, photos of our girls.  Enjoy!

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