You must be Kebabing a laugh.

Hello lovelies.

We hope you’ve had an amazing Saturday.  Matt was working editing photos and I went and met my friend, Alison, for a long over-due catch up.  Yesterday we met mum and decided to go to Five Guys, which isn’t the healthiest but is very delicious.  So we decided to try and eat healthy food for the rest of the week.  Our latest thoughts are to try and live 80/20 as in 80% of the time eating healthy, working hard at our fitness, whilst 20% of the time we allow ourselves a bit more of a treat.

Therefore Matt decided to stretch his chef legs today and make some very delicious chicken skewers/kebabs.  His recipe is:

2 chicken breasts

2 onions

2 red peppers

1 courgette

4 tomatoes

For the marinade he used:

4tbsp Rapeseed Oil

2tsp smoked paprika

2tbsp squeezy honey

2 pinches of salt

2 pinches of pepper

4 gloves of crushed garlic

2 tsp harrisa

He mixed everything for the marinade and placed the chicken in, leaving overnight in the fridge.  Then he placed everything on the skewers before pan frying using a skillet pan to sear the meat, for one minute each side.  Then he put them under the grill for 12 minutes in total, 6 minutes either side.  Matt then finished the recipe off with some wholegrain rice.

It was absolutely delicious and it is definitely one which we will add to our list of regular dishes.  Let me know your favourite Saturday night Fakeaway meal.  Do you have anything you would add to Matt’s recipe?


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