My Bloody Valentine

Hey lovelies,

We hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day but more importantly an incredible Pancake day on Tuesday.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day I think you fall into one of three camps.  Either you go for it, red roses, chocolate, champagne, teddy with a heart, balloons or maybe a valentine holiday somewhere romantic like Paris.  Or you’re perhaps the people who like to share a card with one another and maybe a meal.  Or you’re the couple who don’t buy into it at all – with the philosophy that why should there only be one day that you tell one another you love each other when truly that should be everyday!

Truthfully Matt and I usually fall into the third category, though we have occasionally bought a card for one another.  Well this year we decided to go out for a meal at one of our favourite Edinburgh restaurants, The Honours.  Whenever we have been in the past the service has been impecible and the food is truly delicious – you should absolutely make sure you get there if you can.  However, best laid plans (again!) It turns out that for the last couple of days instead of taking my penicillin I’ve been taking dispersible aspirin!  Yep, that’s how bad my brain fog can get sometimes.  So this morning I woke up and my throat was killing me, so Matt very kindly offered to make dinner for us.

He made me my absolute favourite Chicken Risotto and it was so good.  We followed it by our day late pancakes and the incredibly romantic ‘Mike and Dave need dates.’  It was, what I would call, perfect.

I remember a few years ago my mum had come to visit me in Edinburgh and we decided to go out for dinner with my friend Louise.  It took us a little while to realise that it was Valentine’s day but at first we couldn’t really understand why there were so many couples around.  It dawned on us ridiculously slowly but then all agreed that we were all having a pretty good ‘date,’ as those women are ridiculously good fun.  However you spent your day I hope it was exactly what you wanted.  Here are some pictures from our awesome day.


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