Crafting with Katie

Hey Lovelies,

I’ve been missing blogging this week but with my hybrid Tonsillitis/Cold/Flu I have barely been able to lift my head, let alone my fingers to the keyboard.  Plus side I’ve now caught up on quite a few TV programmes.

A few posts ago I discussed how I had been crafting recently.  It started, as I said, when I wanted to make my own stencils for my organiser.  I have since expanded what I create and thanks to a wonderful friend of mine I am now excited to be making my own soap too!

The reason I like crafting is that it really does open up your creativity.  I love being able to take inspiration from other crafters such as Claire at Heart Handmade or Claire at Claireabellamakes.  Pinterest became my virtual playground and I’m not ashamed to say that I lost many an hour being inspired by and then researching how to make the many things that I have seen.  Currently I am attempting to improve my handwriting so I can have skills similar to Grace Frosen.  (If you have Instagram, go and check her out here.  Seriously I could watch most of these videos all day long but then I wouldn’t improve my own handwriting!  But seriously – this woman’s skills are goal-worthy!)

I remember as a kid I used to spend hours tying embroidery threads to make friendship bracelets, got into knitting as a teenager and the love of making things has just continued to grow.

So for today’s blog I made a video – showing people how to make a washbag with HTV (Heat-Transfer Vinyl) but it’s taking me a little bit longer to edit and put it all together.  So keep an eye out for that coming soon.

Anyway lovelies, that’s about as much as my wee head can take for today.  I’m so glad to be back and keep an eye on the blog for Thursday as Matt and I are celebrating our first Valentines (as in first one we’ve decided to celebrate) in the one and only Honours, an excellent Martin Wishart franchise, which we adore.  See you then!

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