Today marks our first day back to training after my bout of tonsillitis.  We decided it would be a good idea to take time to recover fully before we go back full throttle.  Mainly because my Psoriatic Arthritis can really cause fatigue, so when I get ill it can really knock me for six.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Leszek has had us doing things like squats, planks and last time we even got to play a game where if we tagged the other person’s knee – they had to squat – Matt cheated of course!!

As you read this, we’ll be sweating out the first ten minutes of our session this week with Leszek.  Who knows what Leszek has in store for us but we know what we have in store for ourselves.

We’ve been enjoying our daily smoothies, ensuring we include spinach in our smoothies.  Our plans for the week looks like this:

healthy eating

We’ll be keeping our mantra about keep it healthy and to keep working on the burn.


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