Just the two of us . . .

Hello lovelies,

One of the blog post ideas we’d had was that when it was pay-day we would have a date in Edinburgh.  This had numerous benefits, one being spending more time together, another being getting to know more places to eat in Edinburgh and the other is that we get to eat!  However this month’s pay day happened to fall on my wonderful dad’s 70th birthday and we made our way to Broughty Ferry to celebrate.  So actually instead of just the two of us, it was four of us, because my amazing sister is here too.

First of all we stayed in an amazing Air BnB just round the corner from two of my dad’s favourite pubs, one of which he spent many a night of his youth in.  For last night’s meal we went to an excellent Spanish Tapa Bar, called Sol Y Sombra.  The way they work is that there is no menu but waiters ask you what your dietary requirements and preferences are and then bring you out an assortment of dishes.  And I have to say they were all delicious.  The decor of the restaurant was perfectly matched, from the chandelier made of a variety of glasses, to the 3D butterfly wall and the hanging chilli peppers.

To start with we had some alioli, made on the premises, bread, nut mix, olives, manchego cheese, sliced sausage, roast beef with fig, stuffed peppers and a variety of salad dishes.  Then we had some kebabs, patatas bravas, more stuffed peppers, meatballs, hake with rosemary and lemon, shrimp in garlic, oil, coriander and paprika, tortilla with alioli and asparagus wrapped in jamon iberico.  Now by this point you’re probably thinking “holy shit, that sounds like a lot of food!” It was and when I tell you it was £25.00 per person you’ll really understand what an amazing deal this was.  If you are in Broughty Ferry I definitely recommend booking a table at this excellent restaurant.

We finished it off with an orange sorbet, it was absolutely delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

What are your weekend plans?


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