Five of the most exciting, and anticlimatic words to ever exist.  For those who play online you may be familiar with the email.  For the few minutes it takes you to sign into your account you’re already imagining what you’re going to do with ath £45,000,000 that you’ve clearly just won – because hey someone has to, why not me right?

I know that I would give a lot of the money to my family and friends, to make sure they can live their best lives.  I would definitely be donating a lot of it to charity, especially local charities like Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, Hopscotch or Fresh Start.

I know I would be giving some to cancer research and arthritis research companies as both of these are pretty close to my heart.

Then the rest would be spent on buying a house and land big enough so that I could have all the dogs and cats and create the most amazing spaces for them.  I would love to buy land to build my own wedding venue and numerous tree houses – Treehouse masters anyone?  I would travel to all the places on my bucket travel list including (and not in any order of preference:)

1) Japan

We have wanted to go to Japan forever! In fact My mum Sandie went 2 years ago and loved it. Matt’s best man and friend James has lived there for sevreal years. 3 things we’re dying to do in Japan –

  • Mount Fuji! Ok so this is a total cliche destination but you just have to visit Japan’s most iconic montain. Mount Fuji is on Honshu island, is actually still an acitve stratovolcano and is over 12,000 feet high at it’s peak. It’s no wonder this has become one of the most idenitifiable natural landmarks. Not sure we’re fit enough for scaling it just yet but we’re working on it!
  • We absolutely positively have to go and see the snow monkeys in the hotsprings of Nagano. It’s a short trip from Tokyo and it’s right near the incredible Zenko-ji Temple. This would make an immense day trip!
  • Professor Ikeda’s Ninja School! The ninja school located on the outskirts of Akame is possibly the one part of our hypothetical Japanese adventure we’re most excited about. This place will actually teach you real life ninja skills in traditional garb. Again skills for the zombie apocalypse people.

2) Italy

We have been to Italy many, many times and it just loses none of it’s romance. Sure there are some crappy places just like here but omfg! This country is a never ending treasure trove of historical and cultural wonders.

  • Venice Carnivale!  I’ve been to Venice twice with my folks and my sister Kirsty. I’ve also been on a gorgeous minimoon with Matt right after we got married back in 2016.  Btw – July is hot as balls!  The Venice Carnivale is one of the most famous carnivals in the whole world.  For nearly a thousand years the Venetians used the occasion to celebrate in ornate style with the most incredible masks and music. Banned several times on account of the excesses of its residents it’s hard to say that Venice does not know how to party.
  • Sicily! Again Matt and I took a trip my Dad here a few years back. We barely scraped the surface. This incredible island is a mish mash of stunning vineyards, lush countryisde and sprawling towns perched atop cliffs etc. But we’re going all the way up Moutn Etna this time. Etna is a huge active volcano which can be seen from just about everywhere on the island itself. The Valley of the Temples, The Necropolis of Pantalica and the city of Syracusa are all high on the list of sites to see next time we get out there.
  • The Amalfi Coast.  It’s been on my travelling to do list for years.  I want to cruise round the coast line, sit in the town centres sipping ice cold drinks whilst looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea and taking our time to climb the Path of the Gods.

3) The Southern States

We are massive lovers of music and I grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Ray Charles, James Brown, Otis Redding and as I got older found the sound of Mr Johnny Cash.

  • New Orleans.  The epicentre of jazz and blues music, where we can saunter around the French Quarter, take in a swamp and bayou cruise and also take in a City of the Dead tour.
  • Graceland.  It probably goes without saying if you read the above section but yeah I want to see where Elvis lived.  I want to see where he created.  I want to be where the legend himself was.
  • Florida Keys.  Driving, in a convertible, down the Keys is definitely on the bucket list.

4) Cuba

I’m desperate to visit Cuba before it becomes too busy.  Though we may have missed our time, I’m still keen to go.

  • I would love to visit Old Havanna, to see the colourful cars and the eclectic mix of scenery.
  • Going to the Sea Turtle Hatchery would be a once in a lifetime, especially if we visited on a Tuesday or Thursday when you can apparently witness them releasing the turtles into the sea.
  • And of course, the many, many beaches.  Would love to have a day (or half a day) chilling out in the ‘cool’ Cuban morning.

The list could go on and on and is very long – in fact I may add it as future blog!

I would also spend time getting a personal trainer to work with me everyday and a nutritionist chef to cook all my meals.

So after I’ve decided all this, I finally get into my national lottery account and I see:


Still, there’s always next time!  Do you play the lottery?  Have you ever won?


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