Live walk cancelled

Happy Saturday you lovely lot,

As you may have seen on our Facebook post we had to cancel our live walk today. If you’ve been following our posts, you’ll know that we are getting fit for life and know that 2018 is our year to start this.

When we started writing the blog we decided what we were going to write each week right up to April (I like to be organised) and this week was meant to be our ‘Join Us’ week – where we invited our wonderful readers to join us on a Live Walk on Facebook.

But of course, as Rabbie Burns said, “The best laid schemes o’Mice an Men, Gang aft agley.” And he could not have been more spot on.  Working as a teacher, you very much expect to get every illness going, though usually our bodies can fight it until holidays!  Until Tonsillitis!  Yep I got tonsillitis.  I can still remember the first time I got tonsillitis, my dad drove my sister, her friend and my friend, Jenny, to the cinema to watch, I think Free Willy, my throat was on fire and I went through two giant juices, though had spilt the second one because I was so weak.  We got the bus home and sadly, especially for the person in front of me, I vomited – everywhere!  I will never forget the kindness of a woman sitting in the seat opposite me who passed me a few tissues.  Luckily, I didn’t actually vomit on the person in front of me but it did go all over the floor of the top deck of the 201.  When I got home I went straight to bed and napped, it’s amazing how exhausting tonsillitis is.  Throughout my teens I suffered quite badly from bouts of tonsillitis but never quite as bad as that first time.  So when my throat started hurting on Thursday night, to the point where I couldn’t actually swallow without wanting to cry, I knew what it was.

My doctor was quite reluctant to put me onto Anti-biotics until he heard that I was on methotrexate for my Psoriatic Arthritis, and as I ticked 3 out of 4 boxes for bacterial tonsillitis he gave me a prescription for that and a numbing throat spray, which tastes identical to the stuff the dentist injects into your gums when they are doing any work.

I knew that I would not feel any better today and so took the decision to postpone the live walk, with the intention to add it in for April/May time, who knows, by then it might be a jog with me if the sessions with Leszek keep going the way they are!

The good news is it’s given me a chance to catch up with some shows I’ve been meaning to watch for ages including the wonderful new series of Grace and Frankie and Big Little Lies, which if you haven’t I highly recommend and not just because of ‘that’ scene with Alexander Skarsgard.

So who here has had tonsillitis before?  Has anyone had theirs taken out?  What’s your best remedy for a sore throat?  Mine is currently twisters.  Let’s hear from you.



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  1. So sorry to hear you are ill, tonsilitis is horrible…never had it but seen so many suffer with it. I will make sure nursey keeps us up to date! :p xo

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