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If you’ve been following us you’ll perhaps recall that part of our resolutions for 2018 is ‘training for the zombie apocalypse.‘  This blog is dedicated to letting you know how we’ve been getting on.

We joined Fitness Soul and have been having an amazing time with our personal trainer Leszek.  He takes into consideration my Psoriatic arthritis, whilst making sure that I push myself (just not too much!) Along with a pretty amazing workout schedule so far including squats, planks and much, much more.  He’s also been educating us on how the bacteria in the gut really work, and how it’s usually them that send messages to the brain about what to eat.  So, for example, if all you ate were pancakes, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then the bacteria would send the message that you should be having pancakes, and this is a slight look at where cravings can come from.  You know what I mean, when literally nothing else will satisfy but that big bar of Diary Milk – not your brain, but the little bacteria guys.  However, you can train them to crave slightly healthier foods – by, you know, eating them!  So Leszek has us on a mission, to introduce more fruit and vegetables to our lifestyle and to ensure that we drink more water.  This has started our smoothie challenge, one smoothie everyday with spinach in it.  It is meant to be 80% food, 20% exercise after all.  With that in mind, my dad has been incredibly encouraging of our new journey and bought us a copy of Tom Kerridge’s book ( Lose Weight For Good.  We’re going to try and do one or two of the recipes a week until we can build up to every day and will be sure to track our progress here – with you guys.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to try and stand up – which will take me about 20 minutes – those squats were deep.

So how are your journeys going?  Are you still following your 2018 resolutions? Let us know.

Katie and Matt

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