Zombie Apocalypse Fitness Survival

Okay, so I have to confess, Matt and I are absolutely massive Zombie nerds.  I mean really massive, so much so that we have a contingency plan for when that old Zombie Apocalypse happens . . . (if you want to join in on the plan or have your own bit to add – get in touch!)  However, the downside to our plan is that we are not prepared physically!  It’s no secret that Matt and I have a fair few pounds to lose but as we enter 2018 we are making it our mission to “Get fit for the Zombie Apocalypse!”  I mean they did try to warn us in Zombieland, the number one rule – Cardio.

The start of this is our wonderful personal trainer, Leszek at the amazing Fitness Soul.  We’re meeting with Leszek tomorrow and will tell you all about it in our next fitness post.

Other parts of our Zombie survival training are going to include:

  1. Learning some form of Parkour – possibly using these guys.
  2. Learning how to fight hand to hand combat – with a bit of Krav Maga
  3. Or possibly some Tae Kwon Do
  4. Because I love Michonne from the Walking Dead, we are definitely going to learn some Katana skills.
  5. We would love to do some foraging skills – you know for when supplies run low.
  6. We definitely need to learn how to use a bow and arrow so we can have the skills of Darryl.
  7. We’ll learn how to live and survive outside with some survival skills.
  8. If all else fails we will learn how to fly a helicopter to take us out to an island – no zombies can get us there, right?
  9. Since we seriously lack guns in this country we need to learn a bit of war craft – by that we mean the ability to turn everyday objects into deadly, zombie killing weapons.
  10. If the helicopter doesn’t work out, then we’ll escape by power of boat!

So tell us, what are your Zombie Apocalypse plans?  What skills do you think you would need to survive?  We’re dying to know!

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